General Construction

We do construction work, that is roads, houses and bridges, as well as supply of construction and   building materials, example, sanitary fittings, basins, tubs, timber, steel and steel products, doors and windows.

we do supply of Oil and gas products, that is diesel, Petrol and other related products of natural energy

Contractors(Oil & Gas, Energy Projects)

Clearing and Forwarding

To provide more comprehensive logistics services to satisfy the complex ever-increasing needs of humanitarians, business communities and publics within young nation South Sudan and beyond.
Our logistics & supply chain Networks, specializes in total logistics requirements and services, related to your business. As a customer, you know that competing in the wider-market, takes more than just the right product.
Our logistics & supply chain Networks offers cost effective and timely clearing and forwarding services in Nimule and Juba international airport .We provide the full range of customs clearing in different commodities and assets.

We also deal in export and import of food and non food items, that is Fruits, Horticulture and agricultural products, vegetables, beans, cereals, Farm Produce, Milk, Cream, butter, meat, eggs, tinned food stuffs and many more.

Export and Import of Food and Non-Food Items

IT Electronics, Stationary and Funiture Supply

We supply all kinds of office and domestic stationary from various and distinct manufacturers from around the globe and of course considering our customers’ preference in choosing a product.
Among our commonly supplied items include printing papers, notebooks, box files and folders, pens and pencils, laminating papers, Electronics and much more.

General Engineering

We do Maintenance, installation, operation, repair, importing, exporting, buying, selling, making and dealing with machinery and equipment, spare parts, we supply car tires, we have garages for providing car breakdown services like panel beating, welding, lubrication, oiling, gaskets, painting.

Pharmaceutical’s Supply

We do supply Pharmaceutical and medical equipments both on retail and whole sale basis, in the items we supply include, medical equipments (beds, surgical tools, laboratory equipments) and pharmaceuticals like medicine