Head quartered in JUBAN Thundermore Bros Co Ltd has been founded with an aim of serving the ever-growing technological demand of our country with internationally standardize technology solutions.
Thundermore Bros Co Ltd is a jointly formed enterprise by Engineers and Technicians who have a joint of more than 20 years of experience in Telecom and Electrical professions.

The company is led by Electrical-Engineers, under which RAN, Transmission, Power, IT and Antenna Technicians are incorporated. The company is formed by a staff having an extensive familiarity with ZTE, HUAWEI and ERICSSON equipment’s.
By continually building our knowledge and expertise in telecommunications and IT infrastructure technologies, Thundermore Bros Co. Ltd has become the preferred and seek out partner in carrying the currently running Telecom projects.

The Telecom division is specialized in surveying of new and existing Telecom sites to be swapped, delivering hard and soft copy as well as AutoCAD reporting. The IT division is a specialized IT services and solution provider that enable companies plan, build, maintain and manage their IT infrastructure in order to support their business. The Industrial and power division, is specialized in Dismantling and Installation of MW dish, Antenna, RRU, solar Equipment’s, Generator, AC/DC power, E-Guard, transmission, telecom units, Industrial and residential electrical, telephone, Optical, wired and wireless local networks. In partnering with Thundermore bros co ltd, our clients not only able to address their technological needs, but also, they are able to build a strategic step towards their business requirements. Our target is to become the preferred, trusted and most reliable partner that our clients can rely on fulfilling their needs.


Thundermore Bros Co. Ltd can deliver wireless telecom projects to licensed operators, service providers and corporate end users. Ranging from engineering project rollout management to operation and maintenance services which include:

• Site surveying of new and swapped telecom sites

• Site acquisition, zoning and permission

• Tower and antenna installation

• Telecom installation, commissioning, testing and integration

• Network optimization

• Network Acceptance

• Service operation & maintenance

• OSS support in performance alarm and configuration management


From project planning, Thundermore Bros Co. Ltd implementation spans from:

• Microwave transmission implementation (PDH, Ethernet, WiMAX, etc…)

• RF antenna installation (Antenna, Antenna lines, BBU, RRU equipment’s)

•RAN network implementation and commissioning(BTS/NODE)

• Network acceptance & quality audit

• Service operation & maintenance

• NMS operation

• DC power supply systems and solutions


Thundermore Bros Co Ltd is a power solutions equipped company due to its experienced staffs, whom acquire a diverse and broad knowledge while working under telecom and power companies. The services we provide include:

• Surveying, planning of power lines, telecom sites

• High powered tension lines (up to 15KV) and power tower installation

• Transformer installation

• Generator Installation & maintenance

• Solar panels installation

• Rectifier/ BBU installation

• Battery installation

• Power equipment’s maintenance

• Delivery of Solar battery and panels, Rectifiers and other robust power equipment’s to the specified location


Thundermore Bros Co. Ltd incorporate staffs who are certified from south Sudan Energy Authority; showing our proficiency in handling Industrial, residential and Institutional installations in areas of:

• Surveying, planning and optimization of WAN/LAN/PSTN/ optical infrastructures

• Electrical installation.

• machinery assembly & installation

• wired and wireless telephone installation

• wired and wireless LAN /WAN installation

• WAN/LAN/PABX operation and maintenance

• Delivery of Industrial, residential and Institutional equipment’s


Thunderrmore Bros Co. Ltd IT division is led by CISCO certified Engineer, under which are the technicians who undertook variety of IT courses from big vendors HUAWEI, ZTE and ERICSSON. Cover wide areas of IT solutions for banks, Educational institutions like universities, companies and service providers in the areas of: End user Solutions

• Router configuration & troubleshooting

• Switch configurations & troubleshooting

• LAN and WAN internet management and troubleshooting

• VSAT installation & troubleshooting

• Printer, fax and Scanner maintenance

• PC and workstation computer maintenance and troubleshooting CORE (Back Bone) Solutions

• EDGE Router configuration & troubleshooting

• BRAS Switch configurations & troubleshooting

• Back Bone Router configuration & troubleshooting